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Gastroenterology Consultation

What is a gastroenterology consultation?

Your gastroenterology consultation appointment provides you and your doctor the opportunity to discuss your condition in-depth so you understand the condition, its prognosis, and all your treatment options. The consultation appointment is devoted to providing you with the information you need to make informed and educated decisions about your care, including surgeries and any long-term care needs, including medication and lifestyle changes. Usually, consultations take place once your exam and testing have been completed. The consultation appointment is also the perfect time to ask questions and discuss any concerns you have about your health or your care.

When should I have a gastroenterology consultation appointment?

Consultation appointments can be arranged any time you feel you need to have some time set aside to talk to the doctor about your health or your care. Usually, consultation appointments are scheduled to discuss care needs and review treatment options before a surgical procedure or another treatment begins. They may also be arranged if you would like to get a second opinion about a diagnosis or care recommendation you’ve received from another health care practitioner.

Can I bring a family member or loved one to my consultation appointment?

Absolutely; in fact, having someone attend your consultation with you can be a very good idea, especially if you feel nervous or apprehensive or if you have a lot of questions or want an extra set of ears to listen and take notes.

What happens during a “second opinion” consultation?

Many patients are reluctant to seek second opinions, but in fact, doctors expect them, especially if you have a serious diagnosis, or you’re facing surgery or a complicated treatment program. Prior to your consultation, you should have any previous test results forwarded. We may also perform our own tests and examinations. Once we have all those results, we can provide you with an independent evaluation and care recommendation.

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